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My girlfriend has been telling me I need to get a job since I’m 18 and my parents want me to wait on a job and focus on my education.  I have a job interview and I haven’t told either of them about it because it is scheduled during my school hours and my parents would be upset. I really want to please my parents and my girlfriend but I’m confused. They would be very upset for cutting school and my girlfriend would be complaining for turning down a job interview. Who should I please?

The BOM Ambassadors Say...

Making the ones you care about happy is always a hard thing to do especially if you feel confused about where your loyalities are. One option is to sit down and think about what you want for yourself. Just because your girlfriend wants you to have a job, doesn't mean you may be ready for one and that goes for your parents as well. Sometimes the people in our lives feel they know what is best for us and what they think you can handle, but only you know that. If you are certain what you want to do, you can try calling the manager and see if they can reschedule the appointment, explaining that you are in school at that time. If the interviewer is understanding, they will respect that you chose to put school first because your education is important and if you don't want the job, give them a call anyways and let them know that you would like to cancel your interview and will contact them in the future when you feel you are ready. After that, talk with your girlfriend about what you have decided, whether it be you want to have a job and go to school also or just want to focus on school. One of the keys to a healthy relationship is support, so whatever your decision is she will hopefully support you. Then once you both have discussed everything, try talking to your parents after school and explain how you care about your education and if you do want to have a job, give reasons why you want the job and let them know about the job interview that is scheduled. If you decided not to, then explain that you had a job interview but decided to cancel it because you weren't ready. Communication is a great way to having trust and a healthy relationship with whomever. We hope everything works out. Good Luck!


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