By: Raven T.      

       It’s sad to say that not all friendships last forever, and forever doesn't last at all. But what I will say is that friendships can teach you a lot about yourself and help you figure out what you want and need out of life. Judging from my last 3 years in High school, my past experiences with “friends” has been completely jacked up! Most of the people I considered a friend wasn't really acting like one. Then again, everyone’s definition of a friend is not always the same.

            As a Sophomore, I was moved from San Leandro to Oakland and had to transfer schools. I knew I would have to be around people that I knew nothing about because San Leandro and Oakland are two completely different atmospheres. It was extremely difficult for me. After making a friends at my new school, I had started dating this guy that was friends with the same exact people I had began to become friends with and that’s when things changed for me. People had began to stop talking to me because they felt since I had a boyfriend I would start neglecting them when they had started neglecting me. All but one person had stopped talking to me which is STILL my friend to this day. At first, I felt like it was all my fault for why  I didn't have the same friends I started. I even started to question if I ever had the ability to keep a friend. As things went on, things in my life started changing. I had to learn the hard way that friends come and go.


02/13/2013 17:50

thats suzy

02/14/2013 08:43

Raven, T. One thing that comes and goes without a doubt is money. But if you have yourself a really good friend, someone you can consider family than that person will always remain, even if just in memories and thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people who are self-driven the way you are. You're right, everyone has a different definition of what a "friend" is and everyone has their own issues to deal with, but stay true to what your definition of a friend is. To be honest, most of my best friends I have now that I can consider family came from my college days. You're going to go a long way Ms. Raven. Stay Positive :]

02/14/2013 16:37

I really appreciate your honesty in this post. I can see it is something that weighs on your mind and heart. It is hard to have relationships change, but in time you begin to make new and different friendships from those in high school. You have so many things to look forward to in the coming months.


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