by: Alexis T.

I’ve been in a relationship for almost three years, but earlier this year it ended, and I’m still hurt. I try to play it off and say things like, “I’m okay,” “I don’t need him,” and “I’ma make it.” And I AM gonna make it but I’m not okay; I’m so heart broken.

A few months ago we broke up,  and I was perfectly fine the whole three months, but he came back to me begging and pleading. Me, being the caring and loving person I am, took him back because he was my FIRST LOVE. We have been through this so many times so I felt like it was something we could’ve gotten over like we had before. I still love him to this day, even though he said some of  the most disrespectful things ever. 

I’ve been to hell and back with this boy and I know its over for good this time. After losing two and a half years of my life with him, all I can do is better myself. But I also have to stop thinking that he is supposed to be here for me through it all, but he isn’t. And when I think about him not being here, all I do is cry.

Sooner or later I will be better, I’ll focus on myself and stop tripping off some no good person who has done NOTHING but hold me back from life and all it has to offer.

While we were together, everything he did was my main focus; what he was doing, who he was texting, and so on and so forth. But now I don’t have to worry about him as much.

Now its 2013 and I honestly do wish him the best and a happy future. Of course I will always love him and no one will be able to take his place in my heart. But now my future is a bit brighter, now I’m going to school daily, paying my dues, hopefully getting off probation in May, and I have my job Youth Radio. From now on I’m an independent, single individual and though this is a cruel and cold world, I’ll make it.
2013 I will be successful and when I hit 18 and beyond, I will look back on this year and say DAMN I did it; Alexis Nicole Tate made it through this Heart Break.


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