By Derick C.

On March 20th, 2013 the Health Department interns presented their statements of wellness.  Wellness means to take responsibility for the quality of one’s life.  A statement of wellness could be a speech/poem, however you would like to express your opinion of wellness.  Many people had different ways that they expressed their meaning of wellness.  Some expressed it in video, some expressed it in words, the point is they showed their way of wellness.  Some people felt that writing helps express your feelings so that you won’t lash out on others, which could portray the opposite of wellness.  

by Kailynn S.

Sex can be a beautiful thing, but as soon as you make the mistake of not using protection, it may ruin your life forever . Protection, such as condoms, can prevent EVERYTHING a teenager might not want. These things could include everything from a child to a sexually transmitted infection.

by Rayana Godfrey 

On Tuesday, Caroline Miller, along with Youth Radio and other Youth Relationship Alliance partners, proclaimed February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. The proclamation took place at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors meeting. Though the meeting was relatively small, the events that took place were monumental for teens and adults.





By: Raven T.      

       It’s sad to say that not all friendships last forever, and forever doesn't last at all. But what I will say is that friendships can teach you a lot about yourself and help you figure out what you want and need out of life. Judging from my last 3 years in High school, my past experiences with “friends” has been completely jacked up! Most of the people I considered a friend wasn't really acting like one. Then again, everyone’s definition of a friend is not always the same.

by Kika

A lot of people get deeply involved and sometimes lost in the relationship they are in. I know I’ve been there. The question is how can you still “Do You” and be in that relationship? Is it possible? Can you work on the things you need to work on with your partner, or do you need your space to handle your business?





by Michael Bracy

Do you think trust plays an important role in relationships? I do

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. It helps you build and is a major component of having respect for one another. Being able to communicate and being open minded. When you’re able to communicate with one another the confidence, trust, and sense of security expands

by Shyra Gums

Rapper T.I., alongside his wife Tiny and children took a picture for Touch Magazine. The photo shows the family posing in a way similar to that of a photo taken of the fictional Huxtable family from “The Cosby Show.”  T.I. has declared his show, which documents him and his family, “The Hip-Hop Cosby show.” This has been a topic discussed on Street Soldiers, a Bay Area radio show that airs every Sunday on 106 KMEL FM. The biggest question on this show was “Is this a good comparison?”

By: Chris Pressley

Cheating is a very questionable and confusing topic. Just about everybody has their own meaning of cheating.  Some people think doing small things with someone other than your partner isn't cheating, while others may say doing big things with someone other than your partner is cheating.  I also have my own concept of what cheating is. I think cheating is basically doing almost anything you have to hide from your partner or wouldn’t do in front of your partner.

By: Josefine Charles-Harris

There are a lot of different aspects to a relationship and key things are needed to make a healthy one. Most people want a loving relationship to feel loved so they can give it back.

However, just like life... relationships are COMPLICATED and there are things people don't always take into consideration. In my opinion, there are 4 main things that are need in a relationship which are: communication, balance, commitment and trust. I believe when any one of these are missing it becomes a lot harder to have the solid, good, healthy relationship you are looking for.

By: Jabree Seymour

When I was little technology and social network didn't exist like they do now. It wasn't a way to update a status and put someone's business out there. You know, “put them on blast” meaning you expose something confidential, or secretive about somebody you wouldn’t normally say. It wasn’t until I got in the 7th grade and MySpace became a popular social site, that's when people began putting themselves on blast, or in other words putting themselves out!